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An introduction to Riwega

Riwega is a reference company in the sector of ridge ventsscreens and breathable membranes for roof and wall applications, accessories for roofing ventilationwaterproofing products as well as roof safety & access systems.
Riwega was founded on June 1st 1998 by two Italian entrepreneurs who shared the same name and a great dream. Their intuitions - the importance of living in healthy houses as well as the concept of home energy efficiency and comfort – led soon to the development of a full range of products for an innovative roof concept
Today, Riwega’s core business is represented by next-generation screens and breathable membranes for roof and wall applications, which are produced in Germany and which result from continuous R&D activity. On the other hand, Riwega’s accessories for roofing ventilation offer a unique solution for home comfort, whilst permanent roof safety & access systems convey the company’s philosophy, also during maintenance work .

Riwega is partner or member of many well recognized organizations that are committed to improving building energy efficiency:

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Our sales network

Riwega has developed a comprehensive international network with over 80 sales representatives, providing technical and commercial expertise in whole Europe.

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School of Riwega

"School of Riwega" and "Riwega Traning Center" are our training programmes for installers and professionals.
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